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What is the capital city name of Reunion ?

How many state/provinces in Reunion ?

How many cities in Reunion ?

What is the currency code of Reunion ?

What is ISO2 of Reunion ?

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What is dialing/calling code of Reunion ?

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All above asked questions are very important for everyone, to keep strong your general knowledge you must know the answers of all above questions. Our best database gives the answers of these questions, answer of first asked question is very simple Saint-Denis is the capital city of Reunion. Second answer, there are 0 states in Reunion. Answer of 3rd questions is that there is only 0 cities in Reunion. Fourth asked question is about currency no doubt which is backbone of every country, so EUR is the currency code of Reunion its ISO2 is RE, as well as its ISO3 is REU, and 262 is its phone/calling code. Last question is very important that's answer is mostly used to trace any country of the world on the google maps or other world map applications by their latitude and longitude which are also known as geo coordinates. The latitude and longitude of Reunion are 48.93564000 and 2.35387000 respectively, by using this information in world map applications you can get exact location of Reunion on world map with complete details as shown below in details.

Flag flag of RE
Country Name Reunion
Country Code (ISO3) REU
Country Code (ISO2) RE
Capital City Saint-Denis
Currency Code EUR
Dialing Code 262
Latitude 48.93564000
Longitude 2.35387000
Total States/Province 0
Total cities 0

All States/Provinces of Reunion and their cities

State No. State/Province No. of Cities
There is no any state of Reunion