General knowledge of Lezhë County the state/province of Albania

Mostly asked questions about the province Lezhë County

What is the country of Lezhë County ?

What is the country code ISO2 of Lezhë County ?

How many cities are in the state Lezhë County ?

What are geo coordinates of each city in Lezhë County ?

What are the name of cities of Lezhë County ?

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First question is about the country which is Albania and AL is its ISO2 also known as country code. Third question is about the cities of Lezhë County there is only 12 cities in this state. Following is the list of each city in Lezhë County by their geo coordinates/latitude and longitude.

State/Province Name Lezhë County
Country Name flag of AL Albania
Country Code AL
Total States of Albania 47
Total Cities of State 12

All Cities of Lezhë County

City No. City Name Latitude Longitude
1 Bashkia Kurbin 41.62215000 19.70734000
2 Bashkia Lezhë 41.81320000 19.64121000
3 Bashkia Mirditë 41.80953000 19.99024000
4 Kurbnesh 41.77972000 20.08361000
5 Laç 41.63556000 19.71306000
6 Lezhë 41.78361000 19.64361000
7 Mamurras 41.57750000 19.69222000
8 Milot 41.68389000 19.71556000
9 Rrëshen 41.76750000 19.87556000
10 Rrethi i Kurbinit 41.63333000 19.71667000
11 Rubik 41.77444000 19.78611000
12 Shëngjin 41.81361000 19.59389000