General knowledge of Amman Governorate the state/province of Jordan

Mostly asked questions about the province Amman Governorate

What is the country of Amman Governorate ?

What is the country code ISO2 of Amman Governorate ?

How many cities are in the state Amman Governorate ?

What are geo coordinates of each city in Amman Governorate ?

What are the name of cities of Amman Governorate ?

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First question is about the country which is Jordan and JO is its ISO2 also known as country code. Third question is about the cities of Amman Governorate there is only 9 cities in this state. Following is the list of each city in Amman Governorate by their geo coordinates/latitude and longitude.

State/Province Name Amman Governorate
Country Name flag of JO Jordan
Country Code JO
Total States of Jordan 12
Total Cities of State 9

All Cities of Amman Governorate

City No. City Name Latitude Longitude
1 Al Jīzah 31.69893000 35.95530000
2 Al Jubayhah 32.01071000 35.89802000
3 Amman 31.95522000 35.94503000
4 Ḩayy al Bunayyāt 31.89603000 35.88465000
5 Ḩayy al Quwaysimah 31.91037000 35.94975000
6 Jāwā 31.85247000 35.93928000
7 Saḩāb 31.87032000 36.00479000
8 Umm as Summāq 31.88542000 35.85430000
9 Wādī as Sīr 31.95450000 35.81831000