General knowledge of Sar-e Pol the state/province of Afghanistan

Mostly asked questions about the province Sar-e Pol

What is the country of Sar-e Pol ?

What is the country code ISO2 of Sar-e Pol ?

How many cities are in the state Sar-e Pol ?

What are geo coordinates of each city in Sar-e Pol ?

What are the name of cities of Sar-e Pol ?

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First question is about the country which is Afghanistan and AF is its ISO2 also known as country code. Third question is about the cities of Sar-e Pol there is only 7 cities in this state. Following is the list of each city in Sar-e Pol by their geo coordinates/latitude and longitude.

State/Province Name Sar-e Pol
Country Name flag of AF Afghanistan
Country Code AF
Total States of Afghanistan 33
Total Cities of State 7

All Cities of Sar-e Pol

City No. City Name Latitude Longitude
1 Chīras 35.41674000 65.98234000
2 Larkird 35.48936000 66.66409000
3 Qal‘ah-ye Shahr 35.54729000 65.56760000
4 Sang-e Chārak 35.84972000 66.43694000
5 Sar-e Pul 36.21544000 65.93249000
6 Tagāw-Bāy 35.69941000 66.06164000
7 Tukzār 35.94831000 66.42132000