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What is 5G technology and what will it mean for you?

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Posted by Best infoPoint on 31 August 2019

This new 5g internet technology will have new capabilities that will produce new opportunities for all type of people those uses internet, like businesses, education institutes and societies. So what is 5G and why it will change the World?

However, One thing you must notice is that when you hear about 5G internet communication, you will think about its fastest speed. Obviously, for observation like kids, the internet speed of 5G technology is very the easiest thing to understand clearly.
But new 5G era is much, much more to understand it...

The world’s communication and connectivity needs to be change. It means World's mobile data traffic estimated is to multiply by 5 before the ending of year 2024. Particularly mostly in urban areas,where maximum people lives. The current 4G networks simply won’t be able to keep up as must be advance.


That’s why there is a new G comes into play role. With fastest five G commercial, business and private networks being switched on, its first usage example is to enhanced mobile broadband, which will bring great and amazing experiences for all smartphone consumers, and has fixed fast wireless access, it providing fastest fiber speeds without fiber cables to homes and busineses. Also 5G smartphones will be available in all advanced countries in the start of 2020.

To be able to download a full length high quality movie in just seconds not in minuts and being able to share your wow moments with your friends and family. This is just the beginning of 2020 with 5g broadband internet technology . The real value of 5G is the opportunity which presents for people, business and the world at large scale private and govt industries, regions, towns, states, cities and countries that are more connected, will be smarter, strong more lengthen.

This technology is allowing industries, carporations to reinvent themselves. It will affect you. And it’s just starting now be ready to handle its amaxing impacts on the World.

First, let’s recap how we got one to five G's here in this amazing world.


What is 1G Technology?

  • 1G Technolgy. This first G came with Mobile voice/audio calls only.

What is 2G Technology?

  • 2G Technolgy. second G came with three things which enabled Mobile voice calls, SMS and GPRS internet facility.

What is 3G Technology?

  • 3G Technolgy. Third G came with advanced and improved version of 2G internet which enabled us the complete mobile web browsing with all basic functionalities.

What is 4G Technology?

  • 4G Technolgy. Fouth G proved fast technology it came with complete mobile web browsing facilities, voice calls, SMS as well as Mobile video calls to share live moments and higher data speed to communicate world wide.

What is 5G Technology? Impacts of 5g in living style

  • 5G Technolgy. This fith G is going to change the World, living styles of people. it is 5 times higher and fastest than all G's Technologies. It will also be able to serve consumers and digitalization of industries and all commercial, private sectors.

Why is 5G a game changer?


Its shortest answer is to why 5G is a game changer how it will improve your network connection speed dramatically like the speed of light. You don't have to deal with interupts, distortion when sharing videos from crowded areas to your frieds and family, also people will be able to watch high quality videos, newsfeed no need to get frustration from all the buffering etc.

Infact, you’ll get a faster, more stable, more secure internet mobile connection along with new services, facilities and experiences, just around the corner anywhere.It has more efficient capabilities and vastly increased capacity means you can enjoy fast and better performance than ever before in the past.

What are the Data rates of 5g ?

5g technology is 100 times faster, very supporting instant access to services and applications world wide.

What is Network latency of 5g ?

It significantly reduced to 1-10ms.

What is Network slicing of 5g ?

Technology, making it possible to dedicate a unique and best part of a 5G network for a useful service.

What will 5G mean for communication service providers?

The introduction of 5G will make it possible for communications internet service providers to improve their business in various advanced ways. Just as 4G shooked up the landscape, where data packages became more important than voice and SMS packages, same 5G brings opportunities for all internet and communications service providers to offer new services in new ways. 5G internet technology will also improve cost efficiency. An estimated economic study of advance mobile broadband told that evolution to 5G will enable 10 times cheaoest cost per gigabyte (GB) than currently running 4G communication networks.

How 5G can improve business for service providers ?


5G technology is enabling a new wave of innovation in new style. It has great potential to change the world's living style, further powering the hottest trends in today's teechnologies.
for example IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AR (Augmented Reality) among many more.

By merging revolutionary steps of performance with larger capacities to send data fastly that’s the 5G internet technology. This is not only will give tangibly benefit us, it’s also here to improve societies across the globe everywhere. Infact, this new era of advancement is just getting started, so we should enhance our knowledge and skills set to compete it.

  • EhsanUllah Khan
    Written by EhsanUllah Khan
    Published on 31 August 2019

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